Immerse yourself in the flavour and culture of Taiwan.

Tradition and quality are the roots of Bubble Lee. By using pure, high quality sugar cane and brown sugar, we highlight the natural flavour of each ingredient. Experience the taste of delicate sweetness in every cup.

珍珠 Bubble (Tapioca)

Our signature chewy tapioca pearls are cooked on low heat, at 60 degrees, in a brown sugar syrup. The process helps the tapioca pearls to soak up the syrup, creating a distinct smoky caramel flavour. We care about the quality of our pearls. They are made fresh daily, and a new batch is made every 2 hours for consistency.

黑糖 Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is one of the core elements of our drinks. We only use premium brown sugar, sourced from Taiwan. It is an unrefined sugar, rich in minerals and vitamins. Our brown sugar syrup is cooked with traditional methods, creating the purest taste of brown sugar.


茶葉 Tea

From top-grade black tea to premium jasmine green tea, we use a wide selection of tea leaves to infuse into our drinks. Brewing tea is like an art form. Every tea is brewed differently. From the ratio of leaves to water, water temperature, brewing time, it takes a master to find the perfect combination in producing the most aromatic and smooth tea.

冬瓜茶 Sweet White Gourd Drink

White Gourd, also known as winter melon, is a traditional Taiwanese flavour used in drinks and desserts for centuries. It comes from the origin of Tainan, Taiwan. The Yifeng winter melon tea is brewed from a sugar block, made with the traditional recipe with sugar and white gould. It is slow cooked until it condenses and becomes golden colored and aromatic.

老薑母 Ginger

Ginger is a natural healthy ingredient that adds a unique flavor and spice to our drinks. It is rich in vitamin C, magnesium and other minerals and contains many health benefits. Our drinks are brewed with top quality ginger, retaining the purest and most fragrant ginger aroma and flavour.

牛奶 Milk

Cold fresh milk is the perfect match to our brown sugar syrup. Sourced from the best local dairy farms, it adds a rich creamy component to our signature drinks, creating a perfect balance of richness and flavour.